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Prince Zuko and Princess Azula are the children of Prince Ozai and his wife Ursa, they are born to a bright future ahead of them where they will grow But when her father is killed by the vengeful Ocean Spirit, she has no choice but to join forces with the banished Prince Zuko and the Dragon of the West.Tensions between Azula and the rest stir trouble and an encounter with a wolf spirit delays them even more, though as they continue, they find their own dynamic to make it all work. Note: "The Search" is a trilogy of comics set in the Avatar universe that directly follows the events of The Promise trilogy.Katara hurts zuko fanfiction. Mar 13, 2015 · Aang felt his blood run cold. Now 3 years after they came Zuko , Azula , and Iroh return to help fi Zuko weighed the options, ignoring Aang’s mockery of his earlier impatient stare. com, and so far, aang and katara are no longer together in chapter 1, chapter 2 is when zuko comes to visit. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? Sorry! Something went wrong. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?I got any Zuko/Azula fics where they are close or end up close? I'm assuming you mean as siblings and not the ship? Bc I can supply platonic sibling fic recs happily! But I don't have any ship recs. (platonic shorthand being Zuko&Azula and shipping shorthand being Zuko/Azula...

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Zuko, Zhao, and Ozai have all been seen fighting this way, and Azula is the first and only girl seen fighting an Agni Kai (against Zuko during the finale). The princess can bend it with extraordinary skill and power, and she very nearly killed Aang with it—and thus, nearly ended the Avatar Cycle for good.Azula kills Dumbledore. LINKS. Episode and comic discussions. Lurker here! Out of the shadows, finally. Needless to say, my favorite ATLA character is Princess Azula. I've been really into fanfiction lately as both a reader and a writer.

Tags. fanfiction. Leave a comment. When his father escapes from prison and begins to amass an army and instigate civil war, Zuko is forced to turn to the only person who can possibly outsmart him -- Azula.Iroh, Zuko y Azula son el ejemplo perfecto de una familia disfuncional, pero debemos admitir que sus conflictos fueron los que dejaron mayores enseñanzas para la posteridad. Avatar nos mostró la transformación psicológica de estos personajes, y como una forma de recordarlos, el cosplayer...

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